Life by Follis – Sustainable premium tea with exciting flavours that make a difference to people and the environment


Life by Follis is a carefully produced tea of premium quality with exciting flavours, made from meticulously chosen ingredients with minimal environmental impact. We take pride in sourcing directly from the plantation in order to control the production all the way from the tea plant to your cup.

In order to provide you with the best and most palatable tea, only two leaves and a bud are harvested. The tea plants are grown high up in the Indian mountains in one single plantation, which lends it the classification Single Estate. The tea is produced according to the orthodox method, which gives more depth to the flavour, and can preferably steep a little longer. All ingredients in Life by Follis are of exquisite quality.

Organic and Fairtrade certified products is essential to us, but we want to do more. We hope that it is as important for you as it is for us that the people behind the products enjoy good working conditions and are being well treated, and that the nature, animal life and environment are also given the best of opportunities. We want the name Life by Follis to reflect the contribution you make to improve the situation for the animal life, nature and for the people producing the tea. Thank you for contributing!

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