We are taking our responsibilities seriously

Development of society brings with it increased interest in “more” in all its forms. More stuff, more opportunities, more noise, more of everything. In the midst of all this excess we want to encourage both individuals and large organisations to think “less”. Unique products, pared-back packaging, time spent disconnected and informed thinking. One step in this process is to clearly communicate how we are working to ensure increased awareness and positive, environmentally sound choices. Through our sustainability work we are showing that we are taking responsibility – and at the same time inspiring our industry to do the same. We are working to contribute to sustainable development with consideration for economic, environmental and social aspects.

Our commitment – it should besimple to do right by the environment

We have been working actively on environmental issues for many years in order to incorporate sustainable thinking into the organisation’s day-to-day operations. As part of our aspirations for a more sustainable society we encourage methods that minimise environmental impact and want to make it easier for both the industry and consumers to make good, well-thought-out choices, at our events for starters. It should be simple to do right by the environment. As an organisation that brings the industry together and enables suppliers to meet up, we must also take care to set a good example. We take into account processes and materials that may be harmful to the environment and are working to reduce consumption of resources.

We abide by the following principles

    • We seek to improve resource efficiency both in our own activities and through our products and services
    • We take a preventive approach to reducing environmental impact and encourage our suppliers, subcontractors and partners to do the same
    • We aim for transparency from our suppliers and subcontractors, so we can be assured that sustainability and environmental thinking are a priority issue at all stages of the process
    • By means of mindful choices and curiosity about new methods we can ensure that we are making a positive contribution to both our industry and society at large
    • We are working actively to improve health and safety in the workplace by planning conditions down to the smallest detail


We must always strive to minimise our plastic consumption. At our events we have therefore switched to recyclable cutlery and single-use materials that are not made of plastic. We hope this will also inspire our partners to do likewise

Mindful choices

Our use of environmentally harmful chemicals is minimal and we opt for eco-labelled and eco-compensated alternatives as far as possible. We are reducing our quantity of printed material and selecting eco-friendly alternatives.


We seek to choose the most environmentally sound options for passenger transport. We opt for rail travel rather than flying and are working on developing use of climate-compensated options for other transport activities within the organisation

Communication & discussion

We make sustainability and the environment an important guiding principle in all our external and internal communication. Through clear communication we aim to encourage the industry to take responsibility and demand the same from others. We believe that communication and discussion generate sustainability gains that benefit the whole of society.

Waste management

Large quantities of waste are produced in connection with our events. In order to reduce this, we are working actively to analyse and improve waste management and have expanded our activities at all events. We recycle and re-use our products as much as possible and any waste produced is sorted and sent for recycling.

Expertise & responsibility

In our internal communication we encourage employees to get involved in sustainability issues. We advocate mindful choices and aim to be clear in implementing and communicating our sustainability work throughout the organisation.
This policy aims to outline our efforts to achieve a more sustainable sector, with both individuals and the group as a whole taking responsibility and making mindful choices. We are meeting the needs of society, are keen to explore innovative methods and are working on continuously evaluating and improving our sustainability work. And it is our belief that no one can do everything – but everyone can do something.
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