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Bureca Proffsen is a part of the Bureca Group, which aims to assist with the establishment of the best shops, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and confectioneries in the Nordic region. At Bureca, we are dedicated to quality and innovation, and our top priority is to deliver practical, efficient, and user-friendly solutions to our customers.

We specialize in commercial refrigeration and kitchen equipment and have many projects within the public sector, including installation of refrigeration equipment and ventilation systems in schools and hospitals. We also have plans to continue developing our offering as a supplier of commercial kitchens for hospitals and large retail chains.

Welcome to Tamini Streetfood Meze, Malmö’s foremost food factory, where we create irresistible and flavorful dishes that take your taste buds on an exciting journey. We specialize in producing falafel, hummus, and plain pita chips – the perfect components for a social food experience filled with love and togetherness.
Streetfood Meze by Malmö.
It’s crunchy, funky, fresh, and plant-based, 100% social food.



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