Citrocasa iMpress
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Citrocasa iMpress

The premium juicer for high end bars and cafés. The Fantastic iMpress with its revolutional OneStep-Cleaning in record time and a 3.5“ touch display is the ideal solution for premium HORECA locations.



Manual feeding of oranges, self- service operation, 9kg fruit basket for storage optional.
OneStep-Pressing-Kit: high speed cleaning in record time − ready within seconds.
2-Zones-Technology for highest hygiene and time efficiency.
Precision cutting SCS Up & Down ensures excellent juice purity.
Hightech functions like intelligent stop for improved waste management.
Multifunctional, language-independent (icons) 3.5“ touch display with illustrated guides.
Manual Transport System (MTS): comfortable cleaning of the fruit sieve.
Made of food-grade stainless steel for improved hygiene and outstanding durability.


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