Quesos Argudo – handmade Spanish goat cheeses


Quesos Argudo –  handmade Spanish goat cheeses

Argudomejeriet’s founder Pere Argudo has been a dedicated part of the cheese world since 1975 when he started working at a young age based on traditional craft techniques, which still permeate the dairy’s workflow today.

In the 1980s, the small dairy helped to revive the almost forgotten production of the traditional Catalan cheese Garrotxa and became one of the first to produce it according to the then newly introduced health, hygiene and production requirements. Today, Quesos Argudo continues to make the original artisan cheese Garrotxa, only under the name Gris de Montaña because it cannot be called its “real” name because it is not made in Catalonia. What all Argudo’s cheeses have in common is that love, tradition and, not least, craftsmanship shine through clearly.





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