LUSINI Takes on Denmark


LUSINI Takes on Denmark

The German wholesaler Erwin Müller Group has made some major changes in 2021. They changed their name to LUSINI, launched a new web shop and expanded into new territory – Denmark. “The name is new, but the company is the same!” says Anneli Bell, CEO of the Swedish, Norwegian, and now also Danish subsidiary.

Making an entrance on the Danish market is something the CEO has dreamed of for a long time and now she is looking forward to taking on the entire Scandinavian HORECA industry. After 15 years in Sweden, LUSINI hopes to compete with the established Danish giants. “Our large warehouse in Germany makes it possible to deliver to the customer in just 3 days and our showroom on Stortorget in Malmö is only 40 minutes from Copenhagen train station, so we have a lot to offer the Danes.” Bell continues hopefully.

In addition to the new name, LUSINI will also be expanding its product range. “Our well-known brands such as VEGA, JOBELINE and Pulsiva will remain, but we will also bring in products from other major manufacturers so that you, the customer, can find all hotel and restaurant equipment in one place.”

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