***K, that’s tasty – Sproud VANILLA is finally available


***K, that’s tasty – Sproud VANILLA is finally available

Sproud expands its popular vegan portfolio with the new drink VANILLA—a creamy and richbeverage to pour in a glass, foam in your coffee, or add to your smoothie. It’s perfect inoatmeal as well. And pancakes, for that matter. We could go on.

When praising the flavor, there’s no tasty “… for being a veganalternative/allergen-free/sustainable”. It’s tasty as ***k. The rest is a bonus.
-No gluten, soy, dairy, or nuts
-60% less sugar than similar products on the EU market (Sugarwise)
-Certified low carbon footprint (CarbonCloud)
-Source of vitamin B2, B12, D, and calcium
-Vegan—made out of peas
-365-day shelf life

“Our customers want oat milk; why would we switch to Sproud?”
9 out of 10 people trying Sproud say they like the taste, and Sproud’s growth is above thecategory average. Pea drink has 3x the protein of oat milk and 75% fewer carbs. It’s alsoallergen-free, containing no gluten, soy, dairy, or nuts.

Sproud offers healthy, plant-based drinks for everyone with three neutral flavors, onechocolate drink and one vanilla. Zero sugar, fluffy foam, creamy texture, perfect in food orbaking, or a glass with your afternoon snack? The choice is yours. Visit Sproud’s booth andfind your favorite.





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