Artista Deli – simply luxury handcrafted


Artista Deli – simply luxury handcrafted

Let us introduce you to a brand-new artist on the bakery and pizza scene: the Artista Deli. The name is actually chosen due to the fact that this oven is performing like a true artist. Not only because you actually can get 3-ovens-in-1. Or that it’s modular and make it possible to increase the volume as your business grow. But also to the focus on craftsmanship even if the volume is high.

The Artista Deli is developed for those restaurants and bakeries that still want the feel of luxury handcrafted goods but increase the volumes of products. It’s developed for them who’d like to minimize the handling process in the bakery or restaurant which is labor saving. And cost saving.
Artista Deli is a small high temp electric stone tunnel oven with a baking temperature of 450°C / 842°F. This makes it extremely flexible and able to bake everything from bread to pizza, with an emphasis on precision and consistent baking results. Artista Deli is ideal for genuine making stone-baked pizza, pizza bottoms and many other products such as loaves of bread baked either with or without a tin, focaccia, flatbread, pitta bread, Arabic bread, Persian bread, naan bread, and more. All this is done in an energy-efficient and artisanal way. You can even use the Artista Deli to make customized products, e.g. with your company’s logo on the bottom.

Artista Deli is an extremely flexible solution. It’s actually three ovens in one, since you can replace the included stone hearth belt with a perforated or solid steel belt. The stone hearth belt is used for producing pizza, flatbread, pitta bread, naan bread, etc. The steel belt is used for sweeter doughs and low-rise products such as cookies. The perforated steel belt is used for free-form, high-rise loaves.

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