Rscued Fruits

30% of all fruit grown is discarded. That is sick!

We intend to change that. Through our juices we aim to help and take care of the raw materials that still have so much to give. There is nothing wrong with the fruit we save, it is the exact opposite. Something as simple as a damaged fruit box can be the reason why an entire carton of perfectly good fruit is thrown away. Fruit that to the naked eye is completely undamaged. That. Is. Sick!

In our hands, fruit that would otherwise be wasted becomes good, sustainably produced juices, smoothies, chips, and other goodies. It could be a lumpy orange, a banana with beauty spots or a lemon that looks like it has just eaten a lemon. We check, sort, and wash.
Bruises are cut off. What little is left becomes new nutrient-rich soil so that new crops can grow.

Last year, we took care of 388 tonnes of fruit and vegetables from Sweden’s growers, retail chains, and fruit wholesellers.

When fruit and vegetables are no longer thrown away, we have reached our goal. Until then we promise to never stop fighting for a healthy and sustainable world!

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