Feldt’s Fisk och Skaldjur AB

Feldt’s Fisk och Skaldjur AB

On the west coast, just a few meters from the sea with a fantastic view of the old fishing village of Smögen, is Feldt’s Fish & Seafood.

Feldt’s Fisk & Skaldjur AB was started in 1991 by Lennart Feldt. Lennart has been active as his own entrepreneur in the fishing industry since the 1960s. The company is still owned and run by the family, now with son Martin Feldt as CEO.

Today, Feldt’s is one of the leading fish and shellfish suppliers in Sweden. The range includes unbreaded, breaded and pre-fried products from the sea. We can also present perhaps the market’s largest assortment of lake products as well as a large assortment of smoked and smoked products from our own smokehouse. Of course, there are also seafood stir-fries and salads in the range. In short, we have everything from the sea… and then some.
Feldt’s business concept is summarized in our acronym “EKA”, which stands for Efficiency, Knowledge & Responsibility.
Feldt’s has, right from the start in 1991, had a strong focus on eco-labelled products. Our range of eco-labelled products is therefore a segment that is constantly growing. Today, Feldt’s has over 400 MSC- and ASC-labeled products, which corresponds to 73% of our sales. This is probably the market’s largest range of MSC and ASC labeled products. However, we are not satisfied with this, but constantly strive to increase sales of eco-labelled products.

Feldt’s has made a name for itself as a company with high flexibility, delivery reliability and adaptation to customer needs.

The goal is to be Sweden’s best fish company.
Feldt’s Fish & Shellfish are environmentally certified according to ISO 14001, quality assured according to ISO 9001 and certified according to
FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System.

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